"We don't know what is out there... but it has to be incredibly strong." - Calling All Cargo on the look-out for Boxsquatch.

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In a world where the boxes are too heavy, the beds are too awkward and the truck is too small... You've never seen anything like it... Boxsquatch. The legend is real.

Find out for yourself by applying to Calling All Cargo as a driver/mover/Boxsquatch look-out.

Boxsquatch likes to pick things up and put them down. We hope you do too! You will...

  • Make your own schedule
  • Work as a team member
  • Grow as a driver/team leader or mover.
  • Develop Boxsquatch spotting skills like never before.

Want to work in a happy and healthy work environment? Call the office at: (603) 740-1900 and ask for Greg-- Boxsquatch extraordinaire. Or apply online »